Monday, March 17, 2014

ICICI statewise 24 Hour Customer care phone numbers

Given here is the list of State wise ICICI 24 hour Customer care service phone numbers. Steps required for connecting to customer care are described  below.

Assam: 9864667777
Andhra Pradesh: 7306667777
Bihar: 8102667777
Chattisgarh: 9098667777
Delhi: 33667777
Goa: 9021667777
Gujarat: 8000667777
Harayana: 9017667777
Himachal Pradesh: 9817667777
Jammu & Kashmir : 9018667777
Jharkhand : 8102667777

Karnataka: 8088667777
Kerala: 9020667777
Madhya Pradesh: 9098667777
Maharashtra: 9021667777
Orissa: 9692667777
Punjab: 7307667777
Rajasthan: 7877667777
TamilNadu: 7305667777
Uttar Pradesh: 8081667777
Uttarakhand: 8081667777
West Bengal: 8101667777

How to contact:
If you are an ICICI customer from Bangalore, You may call at 33667777. Similarly for customers from Haryana, they have to call at 9017667777.

Dial the Number, after connecting select the language and then the service that you are querying for.

When system asks for Card number enter Your 16 digit CC Number

the system asks for4 digit ATM pin and Your date of birth

Enter it in the format ATMPIN followed by "#" followed by Your Date of birth in ddmmyyyy format (Ex: 23121977) followed by "#"

Like given here  2900#23121977#

If your credntials are right, then you can  speak to Customer care person


For more list of city wise Custcare numbers, Click here or visit

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